Junior Web Developer

ambigus GmbH Budva Stalni

A renowned, German software development company, is looking for a diligent, goal oriented junior web developer interested in joining the newly-assembled crew in the company’s hub in Budva, Montenegro.

A new colleague would hold an engaging, hybrid position of a web developer, marketing guru and office manager, bearing responsibility for the hardware of the new hub, digital promotion of the company’s goals and SaaS-products, as well as backing other team members, customers and international partners with a clearly structured programming solutions.

The core duties are composed as stated below:

1.Maintenance of the hardware present in our new hub (computers, printers, internal connections, server maintenance)

2.Demonstrating elementary proficiency in following programming languages and frameworks:

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Python, PHP, SQL
  • RestAPI, Frappe Framework
  • Experience with Angular and Node.js is preferred, but not mandatory
  • Experience with using Eclipse and Intellij is appreciated.
  • Knowledge on Wordpress and its accompanying plugins, for successful website maintenance and appropriate content update.

3. Precise documentation of the done programming work and software testing using the following tools and software solutions:

  • Experience with using Jira, Confluence and/or Git Lab
  • User-tests, Test of Android and Ios-Apps

4. Marketing and office administrative work:

  • Knowledge on Microsoft products (Office, Outlook, ShareDrive)
  • Online marketing (content, website, basic promotion on social networks
  • Mailchimp and other forms of email marketing
  • EspoCRM, ERP
  • Design of flyers, brochures and other marketing material
  • Cyber security marketing
  • SEO on the fundamental level
  • Picture and video editing
  • Other administrative duties such as crating documentation, required record on the work done,
  • Cooperation with international partners and customers


Work model: hybrid. 1 day in a week in the office, the rest is home-office organised.

Full-time or part-time.

40-50% of the work is related to programming, the rest to the administrative work.

Working language is English

Driving licence for the “B” category is required


  • Competitive salary and numerous growth opportunities.
  • Open-minded, young management of the company.
  • Provided training and support.
  • Working in a stable, engaging environment.


Application: A CV to be sent to nikola.radulovic93@gmail.com 

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